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Chapter 3: Welcome To Your New Home!

Aiden tripped and almost fall, almost. Catching himself on the wall.
“Watch your step there lad,” said an old man's voice, but not just any old man, THEE old Man. The captain of the Red group, Robin Hanger. You don't want to get on his bad side is what everyone says. And Aiden was going to stick to that advice.
“Now, back to the building. There are 3 levels: underground known as level 1, ground known as level 2 and top level 3. Now there are 238 people that live in Comic (That's the base name if you wondering) but this station has people coming in and out of it all the time. We can hold over 500 men if we must.  So far there are 100 men in Yellow group, 48 in Green, 40 in White and a 50 in Red. Now there are some rules.” they were getting close to the hanger, Aiden knew they were. Sir Hanger handed them each a paper with the rules on them. It stated the following:

1. Always saluted your high ups
2. Always wear your uniform – unless you are holiday
3. Always have you gear ready for a red alert
4. Do not take food with you into space battles – unless you are told to

They were all very simple rules that they all had learnt in training, but when Aiden look farther down.....

53. No swimming in the pool/dam
54. No 'messing around' on missions
55. No stealing food
56. No running down the main hall naked and sing 'Hot Mess' – No matter what time of the year it is!!!!
57. No running around naked
58. Don't hitting/flirting on your higher ups – not even the ladies
59. Don't 'Make out' anywhere in public!!!
60. Don't over drink
61. No betting
62. You are not allowed to play poker – friendly poker is aloud though
63. No men looking in the women's bathroom – same rule applies to the women
64. Where you're from and what you believe does not matter

Some of these where really weird, I mean who runs down the hall naked and sings Hot Mess?, thought Aiden.
“Here Ivan?” Aiden asked him who was walking next to him “Some of these rules are really weird?”
“I agree..... '71. No turning the science lads into drug lads' Who would turn a lad into a drug business in the middle of an army base?” Ivan said questioningly.
“Kato,” Replied just about everyone in the hall expected the newbies.
“Kato?” replied Ivan and Aiden.
“That man's bad news, stay away from him kid!” said a taller man with sliver hair and wearing a Yellow suit. He then walked away mumbling “Reds are mad, their all mad! And Kato's the maddest!” Aiden just stared at this strange man walking off.
“Don't mind him kid,” a voice said. Probably one of the many men there.
“Okay! Enough with the chit-chat! Aiden and Ivan please follow me and I'II show you your partners, the rest of you go find you fighter plane!” said Sir Hanger.
Aiden had barley realized they had reached the hanger already.

Ivan and him followed Sir Hanger down the hanger. Ivan was going with a rather nice looking lady called Emily. She kind and friendly and said she would show him around their fighter for a bit before testing his skills. Aiden looked around wondering who his partner was.
“Now Aiden, where were you ranked in the training camp on tactics?” Sir Hanger asked.
“Um..8th Sir.” Aiden replied a bit worried about what his rank in the tactics had to do with his partner.
“Good good. He'll be happy with that. Very happy.” Aiden and Sir Hanger were almost at the very end of the hanger when they saw a group of fighters have a discussion about something.
As Aiden got closer he heard stuff like 'He's going to be taller!' and 'Yay remember that you're short!'. He wondered what the mess was all about. Sir Hanger Stop a few metres away from them.  “Now kind sir your partner is the one with the fighter plane that says Medusa. Now go find your partner.” Sir Hanger said. Aiden thought he might be a bit mad, like that guy early said. But he still walk over to the group of about 15 people.

“Um...Excuse me,” No one heard him “Excuse Me!” This time they heard.
“Oh~! Look at the cute little boy~!” said a lady with a lot of highlights in her hair “I want to pull his face~!”
“Now leave him alone Roze!” said a man with dark short brown hair and freckle “Hey can I help you kid?”
“Um yay...” Aiden said, a bit weary of both 'Rozemerry' and this freckle man.
“Oh sorry! My name's Mark, but people just call me Marco around here.” He said with a smile “So what can I help you with?”
“Um..I looking for the pilot of this plane.” He asked pointing the plane that had 'Medusa' painted in green on it.
“Oh,” was all Marco said “So you're the new tactic are you?”
“Yay, are you the pilot?” he asked, thinking that if this is his partner that wouldn't be bad. He look kid enough.
“Afraid not, you got the guy who's got your back in a battle.” He said and then turned around and shouted “Hey! Idiot, your new tactic here!”
The crowd moved away, letting Aiden walk over to the plane. The all started patting him on the back as if someone had just died and he was going to see who it was. He wonder why these people where acting so strange. At the end of the line was a man with red hair. He had his back turned to Aiden but he could already see that this man was not to be messed with. He turn in such away that looked like it was meant for a movie, it was hard not to laugh but some how Aiden manage not to. He was about Aiden's hight with tan skin and red eyes. And he had a smile on his that looked like he was overjoyed to see Aiden. He walk straight over to Aiden and stared into his eyes. Their faces were just inches apart. They stood like that for what seem like hours for Aiden, but was probably only seconds. The red man was the first to pull away. Taking a deep breath, he shout “He's shorter than me! Pay up morons! I am the tallest!” Everyone started sighing and moaning, handing money over to the tan man. The freckle man appeared by Aiden's side. “Yep, Kato's taller. Sorry guys!”


“KATO!!! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT BETTING!!!” Sir Hanger was now on the other side of Aiden.
“Oh come on Sir, I'll give you half? Or how about I give half to your Girlfriend?”
“Oh~!” like a TV show, that what everyone sounded like.
“I don't have one!” the Capitan had the faintest blush on his cheeks.
“No no, you're right. An old man like yourself would never cheat on his wife. Unless she wasn't his girlfriend, more like a little friend? Hm? She must cost a lot?”
“KATO! I'm going to kill you one day!”
“And why not not know?”
“Because we're at war and we need all the good pilots we can get! But don't think I won't send you on a suicidal mission!”
“You already sent him on one, remember Boss.” Roze spoke as if this as an everyday thing.
“Yay that's right,” it was Marco who spoke this time “He had to go undercover and be a--”
“Shut up Marco.” Kato said giving Marco a dirty look.
“Okay, the higher ups won't hear about this. But if any of you tell anyone about my friend. I will tell them about all this unit's dirty secrets. Got it!?” Sir Hanger said.
“Yes Sir!” Everyone replied.
Okay, chapter 3 is up. I've got a stomach bug and can't go to school. So that means chapter 4 will be up early or it will be up much later.

Chapter 3: You Are Here

Rated: T - Maybe M later
Warning: Language
This is a BL/yaoi story.

This is a fantic based on Aiden and Kato made by
Here a the picture of them:… (P.S. Aiden's the blue one and Kato's the red one.)
helychan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe i like how they met was really eager to see it from the start :3 Cant wait to see the development of relationship between them! Llama Emoji-04 (Pretty) [V1] 
Poem-Bird Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Thank you! Hmm..I wonder whats with the weird rules, I guess we'll find out in the next chapter! :D (Big Grin) 
helychan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeap lol
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